Love Dynamics Global

Love Dynamics Global is a ministry arm of Enthronement House Christian Centre. It is a non denominational, non governmental, non partisan and christian organisation committed to teaching individuals as well as institutions how love works. The scriptural Mandated that informs this mission can be found in Ephessians 3:16-20. Love Dynamics Global has diverse arms which includes Love Dynamics Campus Conferences, Love Dynamics Books, Love Dynamics Audio Messages, Love Dynamics Advisory Services (Counselling) to mention a few.

Love Dynamics
Love Dynamics

Sceptre Leadership Institute

Ayodeji Olabode is the founder of Scepter Leadership Institute (SLI) an organization committed to the development and equipping of principled centered leaders poised to transform our society for the best. He is the principal contributor to the love dynamics blog whose readership spans the globe. He is also the author of three books, How to be romantic, Home Again and Managing your sexuality.

His & Hers

His & Hers is a divinely inspired non-denominational conclave with the sole mission to help both singles and married enhance meaningful relationships by addressing controversial, awkward yet essential topical issues, and creating an environment conducive for mingling. It seeks to drive the belief that a fulfilling, fun-filled and godly love affair can be attained

Love Dynamics


Deji Olabode Media Enterprise, also known as DOME, a publishing, and multimedia outfit charged with the responsibility of disseminating unique and cutting-edge ideas about human and societal development. DOME has since inception produced and distributed thousands of audio CDs.